📎Copy and paste support

Copy and Paste support is built in to Glide Data Grid. It is not enabled by default to ensure developers are expecting its behavior.


By default copy is not enabled, to enabled copy implement the getCellsForSelection callback. The callback returns results as row-major ordering.

getCellsForSelection is used instead of getCellContent to allow optimization when fetching large amounts of data outside of the visible region.

This example uses the built in generic function which simply calls getContent, which is inefficient but fine for a local data source.

return <DataEditor {...rest} getCellsForSelection={true} />

Congratulations. Copy now works! You may wish to implement getCellsForSelection with a more efficient means that lots of calls to getCellContent. It is also worth knowing that normally getCellContent is only called for cells within the current view. Once you pass true to getCellsForSelection this promise no longer holds. This is another reason an implementor may choose to handle this callback directly.


The easiest way to enable paste is to set onPaste to true when onCellEdited is already working. The Glide Data Grid will automatically parse the paste buffer and send cell update events.

return <DataEditor {...rest} onCellEdited={onCellEdited} onPaste={true} />

If desired, paste events can be handled manually. Passing a callback to onPaste will instead receive a parsed verison of the pasted data. Returning true from the callback will cause the paste event to be handled the same as before, emitting onCellEdited. Returning false will prevent the edit callback from being emitted.

return <DataEditor
    onPaste={(target, value) => {
        window.alert(JSON.stringify({ target, value }));
        return false;

Paste, like copy, has an efficiency gain to be had. Instead of listening to onCellEdited an implementor may choose to implement onCellsEdited. This receives the entire paste buffer at once for all cells pasted and allows more efficient writes to the backend without having to manually handle paste buffer parsing.

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