A note on col/row values

Grid always passes col/row coordinate pairs in the format [col, row] and never [row, col]. This is to more accurately match an [x, y] world, even though most english speakers will tend to say "row col".

API Overview

Details of each property can be found by clicking on it.



A column description. Passed to the columns property.

The basic interface for defining a cell

The most basic representation of the selected cells in the data grid.

The theme used by the data grid to get all color and font information



Append a row to the data grid.

Used to emit commands normally emitted by keyboard shortcuts.

Focuses the data grid.

Gets the current screen-space bounds of a desired cell.

Causes the columns in the selection to have their natural sizes recomputed and re-emitted as a resize event.

Tells the data-grid to scroll to a particular location.

Invalidates the rendering of a list of passed cells.

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