The BaseGridCell represents the common set of items all cells have. A cell is that which is generated from the getCellContent callback and is the common language of communication in the DataEditor.

export interface BaseGridCell {
    readonly allowOverlay: boolean;
    readonly lastUpdated?: number;
    readonly style?: "normal" | "faded";
    readonly themeOverride?: Partial<Theme>;
    readonly span?: readonly [start: number, end: number];
    readonly contentAlign?: "left" | "right" | "center";
    readonly cursor?: CSSProperties["cursor"];
    readonly copyData?: string;


This enables or disables the overlay popup normally triggered by double clicking a cell. Disabling this does not prevent editing. Many cells have a readonly property for that.


A relative timestamp that indicates when the cell was last updated. This triggers the DataEditor to render a flash of the cells background color indicating an update has happened.


Overrides the theme of the cell. It is advisable to set your theme overries as high as possible in the tree. Overriding the cell theme is more expensive than a row theme, which is more expensive than a column theme.


faded causes the cell to render with a slight transparency.


A hint to the cell on where to align content. Not all cells respect this yet.


An override of the cursor when the mouse is over the cell.


Overrides the data the cell will copy into the paste buffer when the user tries to copy the cell.

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